A Tale Of Two Regions

Mexico-Map-TransparentWhen Karla and I got married we came from different Mexican backgrounds. Karla is from northern Mexico’s Baja region and I am from the southern region of Oaxaca. Karla was from the big city, and I grew up in the mountain rural country. A beautiful “Combinacion de Sabores” (combined flavors)! These combined flavors bring you a whole range of traditions, spices and ingredients to give you a truly unique culinary experience.

stamp-for-webWhen we prepare our salsas we remember our childhood. Visions of our grandmother grinding ingredients on the “Molcajete” and the “Metate”, capturing the flavors of our ancestors. I would walk 2.5 hours to and from my grandmother and my mother’s farms. Taking with me only a “bule de agua”, “totopos” and “clayudas” tortillas with primitive spread on them and “tasajo” and “queso seco”. Modern transportation is nice, but your legs will never get stronger than hiking everyday through the Oaxaca countryside.

Just like our food, it was a labor of love. ~ Miguel Osorio

Salvador Chavira Osorio (Miguel’s Nephew)

Salvador is a natural chef who continues the vision of the Osorio family. He works long hours to carry on the tradition of fresh Mexican food. He is always in contact with his mother and grandmother checking recipes and continuing to provide authentic flavors! We just wanted to recognize him, for his unique and natural abilities. You’ll find Salvador at Osorio Tacos Y Salsa’s most days of the week